MJF talks about a possible future in WWE

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MJF talks about a possible future in WWE

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the main event of the latest episode of Dynamite, the famous Blood & Guts, which went to close the weekly episode of the AEW flagship show. In the contest that we saw airing on the TNT America screens, MJF and his Pinnacle beat Chris Jericho and his Inner Circle, at the end of one of the bloodiest matches in the history of All Elite Wrestling and in general in the recent history of the world pro-wrestling.

The end of the match and the use of several blade jobs, caused a lot of discussions even backstage of the WWE, with the insiders and with Jericho's colleagues who also harshly criticized the choices of the rival company, regarding the use so accentuated of certain practices now quite obsolete in the pro-wrestling rings.

MJF on a possible future in WWE

The protagonist par excellence of the Blood & Guts match was obviously MJF, who with a stroke of genius managed to tip the scales towards his team, then throwing Chris Jericho below the cage of contention.

In his latest interview with Steel Chair Magazine, MJF wanted to talk about the future and where he could land once his contract with AEW ended, saying: "I could tell you what I will be close to the end of my contract.

I will probably be AEW World Champion and I will still be part of one of the greatest factions in professional wrestling, known as The Pinnacle, all my brothers and comrades will have gold on them, like me and then, at that point, we will be on the roof of the world, baby.

My boys and I, we're going to go where the money takes us, it's simple. Don't get me wrong, the AEW runs strong in me, I don't want to leave it, but I'm a businessman at the end of it all and I can't help if someone makes me a great offer, I'm sure I'm listening here."

Without clearly mentioning the name of the WWE, the reference is clear to the McMahon company, which would be the only one that at a monetary level could go to beat the competition of the AEW for an upward game, if, in 2024 (year of the conclusion of the contract of MJF), the athlete wanted to leave the AEW.

MJF and the rest of The Pinnacle faced off against the members of The Inner Circle at Blood and Guts last Wednesday on AEW Dynamite. The match more than lived up to its grisly title. Both teams went through hell and the finish saw MJF and Chris Jericho on top of the steel structure.

MJF threatened to throw Chris Jericho off, prompting Sammy Guevara to surrender on behalf of his team to try and save Jericho. Unsurprisingly for some, MJF stayed true to his dastardly nature and ended up tossing Jericho off the roof of the structure anyway.