What's next for Jey and Jimmy Uso?

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What's next for Jey and Jimmy Uso?

After a long wait in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, the Usos are finally reunited with Jimmy Uso who has reunited with his brother Jey and both find themselves together with WWE Tribal Chief and Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

At the same time in the last episode of the blue show, we noticed how, in some ways, Jimmy Uso, almost didn't recognize both his brother and Roman and seemed very dubious about their version within the company. Already in the match between Seth Rollins and Cesaro where Reigns wanted the victory of the first, Jimmy Uso, husband in the reality of the beautiful wrestler Naomi, had a fight with the Messiah and has, even if involuntarily, helped the Swiss wrestler to win and thus obtain a match for the upcoming Wrestlemania Backlash Pay per View.

While he was gone, Jey Uso underwent a transformation. He went from being a powerful star with a voice of his own to becoming Roman Reigns' lackey. Reigns broke Jey again and again until he brought him under his control. For Jey, at the time, it was easier to join Reigns than to stand against him.

So that's exactly what he did.

Jey and Jimmy Uso have always been a tag-team

WrestlingNews.co colleagues took stock of the future of the two wrestlers and in general, made it clear that WWE has interesting plans not only for the WWE Big Dog but also for its two cousins.

The idea of ​​Vince McMahon's company is to make Usos win the duo title with the two wrestlers beating two champions clearly Babyface. A situation that would lead all members of the Roman Reigns faction to be champions.

It would be a return for Usos as Jey and Jimmy Uso held the Smackdown Tag Team Championships as far back as 2019. One hypothesis that the Wrestlingnews colleagues make is that the current Smackdown duo champions, The Dirty Dawgs, lose the titles at Wrestlemania Backlash against the father/son duo consisting of Rey and Dominik Mysterio and subsequently there will be a feud between the latter and the Usos, an idea that particularly intrigues the WWE Universe.

However, it is only necessary to understand how the situation between the Usos works and if there will be total agreement between Roman Reigns and the two brothers with a situation in Smackdown at times that saw Roman and Jimmy conflicting.

Jey and Jimmy Uso have always been a tag team. They are, in fact, one of the best tag teams in the world. While last year, Jey Uso had no other option but to explore a singles career, The Usos as a whole are a tag team that WWE can't afford to let go of.

Already, The New Day has been split up, with only Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods remaining. The tag team division in WWE needs some support, and The Usos would be a brilliant team to bolster the division.