Mickie James says that WWE had scrapped plans for a huge feud

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Mickie James says that WWE had scrapped plans for a huge feud

In the course of one of the recent episodes of Oral Sessions, the podcast of former WWE commentator Renée Parquette (in WWE Renée Young), the former superstar of the company Mickie James made an appearance. The wrestler is one of the most important of the company and also for this she was amazed (although not particularly) that the WWE released her last April 15th.

Mickie James was released alongside other superstars such as Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Samoa Joe, and Chelsea Green. It was with the latter that the wrestler should have held an interesting feud, all after returning from Chelsea Green's injury.

Here are some of her statements: "It would have been a fun thing for sure. Chelsea and I had started teasing on Twitter, we had talked about it but in the end, we realized that it would not go through as it was already thought to kill her.

I don't know why this feud didn't really go through."

Mickie James was one of many WWE Superstars recently released

The dismissal of Mickie James made a lot of noise especially for an episode that saw the WWE protagonist and certainly not in a positive way.

In fact, Mickie James found herself posting a photo where WWE had sent her personal belongings back to him in a garbage bag. A choice that has certainly aroused many controversies and that has shown once again how perhaps female wrestling is too little considered outside the ring.

Several times Mickie and some colleagues have stressed the different treatment received inside and outside the ring, compared to their male colleagues. After posting that photo Mickie James received the support of many colleagues, as well as several members of the WWE Universe who lashed out at the McMahon family federation and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon themselves announced on social media that they would take serious action against those responsible for this really ugly gesture.

Mickie James was recently involved in one of the most controversial incidents surrounding WWE. The former Champion had her belongings returned to her after her release in a trash bag. The incident caused a lot of outrage, and James opened up about it on Oral Sessions, stating that she felt the actions were not "malicious" in nature, but rather "thoughtless"

The act itself was extremely disrespectful towards Mickie James. The person responsible was fired, and WWE apologized profusely for the incident. What were your thoughts on the whole controversy? This would have been a fascinating storyline, especially considering the similarities it shares with Mickie James' feud with Trish Stratus back in 2006.