Fans advise Ryback to retire from wrestling

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Fans advise Ryback to retire from wrestling

In recent weeks, Ryback's Twitter account has become home to countless jokes from WWE Universe fans and beyond, after the former McMahon-owned federation's athlete posted not one but two polls, asking his own "fans", in which important company he should have gone to work in his future, after his departure from the scene a few years ago with the Stamford-based company.

Among the many options, there was also that of the retreat, which was chosen both times by the majority of the patrons in the survey, which would have infuriated the owner of the "Feed Me More" choir, who appealed more times to the fact that the polls had been falsified by different fake accounts, by the so-called internet trolls.

Fans advise Ryback to retire from wrestling

After declaring that he had done a real cleaning of the fake accounts, which would have literally made the entire vote hang on the wrong choice, Ryback tried again and for the third time in a row, he entered the survey on which important company of world pro-wrestling should contact to return to work in a ring, including AEW, WWE / NXT, Impact or precisely retirement.

Needless to say this time, at least for the moment, the withdrawal has already reached over 60% of the total choices made by fans, confirming once again that the votes that arrived in the first two polls were totally true and not the result of fake accounts.

Who knows if this time again Ryback will blame some internet jokers or if he will put his soul in peace, stop with the polls and perhaps begin to really prepare his future, without listening to the thought of the phantom fans, who apparently they don't want him in the pro-wrestling world anymore.

In case you still want to vote too, we post below the funniest poll of recent years, which emerged from the social account of a real pro-wrestler. Ryback Allan Reeves, known popularly as Ryback, is a professional wrestler, known for his time with WWE.

After rising through the brand's NXT program, he went on to join one of the WWE's most formidable stables, The NEXUS, and would also headline multiple pay-per-view events. Apart from his wrestling career, the former Intercontinental Champion also has a YouTube channel called RybackTV, with around 254K subscribers.

His channel caters to his in-ring persona and catchphrase, 'feed me more', as it is primarily a food channel where the 38-year-old wrestling star takes on a variety of different eating challenges.