*Spoiler* Jinder Mahal debuts with a new stable

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*Spoiler* Jinder Mahal debuts with a new stable
*Spoiler* Jinder Mahal debuts with a new stable

Already in the course of the weekly episodes that the WWE brings to the stage from its ThunderDome last week, we had reported the fact that Jinder Mahal had returned to tread a ring of the main roster of the McMahon-owned federation years after the last time, after having appeared recently only in WWE's Superstar Spectacle, dedicated to the federation's Indian market.

On that occasion, or in the last episode of the Main Event last week, the former WWE Champion was accompanied by two consocencies of the Indian market, who knew little in the rest of the world, namely Dilsher Shanky and Rinku Singh.

As already reported in a previous news, we told you how WWE wanted to change the names of these characters, making them instead simply Shanky and Veer, to simplify everything.

Jinder Mahal made his long-awaited return to Monday Night RAW

Of course it was only a matter of time before Jinder Mahal and his henchmen appeared on a TV show bigger than the McMahons.

The Main Event was in fact only a testing ground for the three athletes, who won and convinced, so much so as to allow the management to also include them in the card of this episode of Monday Night Raw, thus inserting them in the active roster of the federation .

After a first sighting in that of Gorilla Position, with Mahal, who had already been filmed by the WWE cameras, in the end the three showed up also in the Raw ring, with the former world champion who presented his two new bodyguards, which obviously have nothing to do with the old Singh Brothers, given their size.

We recall that Veer, one of the two Indian guys accompanying Mahal, was one of the two athletes who made up the Indus Sher of NXT, with such a team that apparently would have completely disintegrated at this point. After challenging Jeff Hardy once again, we will see what the three will do in the coming weeks and above all we will see if they will establish some important feud with some big shot of Monday Night Raw, perhaps even going so far as to bet some titles on the roster.

Jinder Mahal appeared on Monday Night RAW tonight flanked by Veer and Shanky. He faced off against Jeff Hardy in a rematch of their Main Event bout from the week prior. Mahal beat Hardy clean after countering a Twist of Fate with a nasty-looking pump knee strike to the jaw. The Khalas planted Hardy in the middle of the ring for the three-count.

Jinder Mahal Raw

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