*Spoiler* Mia Yim is scheduled to make her SmackDown debut this week

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*Spoiler* Mia Yim is scheduled to make her SmackDown debut this week

During the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown, which WWE wanted to dedicate to its blast from the past with the "Throwback Smackdown", the Stamford-based federation had in mind to put a lot of meat on the fire, despite the fact that the time available was very little.

On the TV screens of the WWE blue show, in fact, some well-known faces did not appear as always, such as Aleister Black, who did not show his usual skit, or some plans that were instead planned and were at the last moment deleted.

The only return staged as planned, was that of Jimmy Uso, who returned to the side of his brother and cousin in the main event of the show. Among the many things we should have seen during the WWE Friday night show, there was also the debut, of Mia Yim in the rings of the main roster, after the breakup of Retribution at Fastlane.

The girl who in the meantime had already been transferred with Slapjack in that of the blue show, in fact, should have made her reappearance on the WWE television screens, last Friday, but for reasons of missing time, Vince McMahon would have frozen everything.

Mia Yim is scheduled to make her SmackDown debut

According to what was revealed by the well-known Fightful Select podcast from overseas, the plans for Mia Yim's return to the scene were as follows: "Mia Yim was originally set up to feud with Carmella, but the cuts that came to SmackDown at the hands of WWE didn't allow that, as they had to put in all the extra content for the show's last episode."

Furthermore, apparently, according to what was revealed instead by the well-known site F4WOnline, the WWE is said to have simply moved these plans by only one week, given that at the moment, the debut of Mia Yim is scheduled for this week's episode of Smackdown, but for the moment, obviously the thing still does not find confirmation from official WWE sources, which will probably want to keep the thing secret enough, for the surprise effect that the return of the girl will have on the fans.

As for what her gimmick will be? She could continue being RECKONING without the mask, return to her NXT persona, or she could do something completely new. As an aside, the reports also make no mention of the fourth former member of RETRIBUTION, SLAPJACK (aka Shane Thorne).

Will he be introduced in the same way his other teammates were, or will he return to NXT, much like Mercedes Martinez did?