WWE seems to have confirmed the date for SummerSlam 2021

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WWE seems to have confirmed the date for SummerSlam 2021

Immediately after Wrestlemania, the most followed and above all most important WWE event of the calendar year is SummerSlam, the third Big Four event in chronological order of the annual schedule of the McMahon-owned wrestling federation, which, like every year, takes place in August on the company's TV screens.

Obviously, after a year of world pandemic, WWE also encountered many logistical and organizational problems for this event, given that it initially wanted to broadcast this event from Boston, where it had to air last year, but which apparently would be recently become off-limits, again due to the restrictions due to covid and the presence of large masses of people at sporting events.

As reported on April 28, WWE wanted to hold Summerslam in that of the TD Garden in Boston, but the problems related to the restraints of the state of Massachusetts and especially to the city of Boston due to the new regulation of the mayor, have probably postponed the thing in another location.

The WWE Universe could return for this year's SummerSlam

Although at the moment there are still no clues about the location that will host the WWE summer Big Four, given the problems of the Boston dates, it would seem to be mersa, however, what will be 90% the official date of the event.

Thanks to the pages of the PW Insider, in fact, we come to knowledge of the fact that SummerSlam should be broadcast on the penultimate Sunday of August, or the 22nd of the same month. As reported at the bottom on the well-known overseas site: "The PPV of 2021, WWE SummerSlam, will air on August 22.

We are told that the location has not yet been finalized." Given the recent problems that have seen the city of Boston as a protagonist, it is very likely that WWE is looking for a new destination for its most important pay-per-view.

summer, with some very large cities in the United States that would be delighted and honored to restart the economy and social life after a terrible year like 2020, thanks to a very important event like Summerslam. Jon Alba confirmed that WWE wants to be out of Florida when they hold SummerSlam in August.

A "major venue out west" is being discussed internally for the show, which narrows down the location a bit. WrestleVotes, who love to drop hints, used the numbers three, four, and one in a recent tweet, in that order.

341 is the phone number area code for the state of California. While nothing has been confirmed, it looks like WWE SummerSlam will potentially head out west this August.