Vince Russo opens up on Jeff Hardy's current status

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Vince Russo opens up on Jeff Hardy's current status

The evolution of Jeff Hardy's character in recent years has raised more than a few perplexities among fans and professionals alike. The former tag team champion was WWE’s designated opponent to welcome Jinder Mahal back, who returned to Raw with two new partners: Shanky and Veer.

Their match was rather short and the Indian superstar dominated it from start to finish, also showing an exhilarating physical condition despite the long absence from the scene. During the latest edition of 'Legion of Raw' on Sportskeeda, former WWE writer Vince Russo explained how the Stamford federation is completely ruining Jeff's character.

It is not the first time that Vince McMahon's treatment of a high-ranking athlete has made industry experts turn up their noses.

Vince Russo reflects on Jeff Hardy

“I always have a lot of difficulties understanding where WWE is going with certain characters.

If Jinder Mahal beats Jeff Hardy, he has defeated a prominent wrestler. Jeff's character was further damaged, as he practically did nothing. What happened to Mansoor instead? Where is he? Hardy is ending up like Mansoor right now.

Vince McMahon tends to destroy the reputation of some athletes, just think of what happened to Mickie James. He found his stuff in a garbage bag, he is ashamed. These people deserve much more, instead, they are behaving in the opposite direction,” said Vince Russo.

The latter is not at all happy with how Bray Wyatt's potential has been handled: “If you can't bring out a talent like The Fiend, then it means that wrestling is not for you. You have to find another profession.

There are writers there who do not know how to do their job well, they are not capable of it. They took down one of the most charismatic characters ever to appear in WWE in the modern era." Following his loss to Jinder Mahal on this week's RAW, fans speculated that Jeff Hardy's WWE contract could be coming to an end soon.

But as per PWInsider, The Charismatic Enigma still has quite a long time remaining on his current deal. "Since the usage of Jeff Hardy the last few weeks (appearing on WWE Main Event) followed by his loss tonight on Raw seems to have sparked questions about whether his WWE contract is coming to an end, we are told by a WWE source that Hardy still has "a good chunk of time left on his deal" as he acknowledged last year that he had signed a new deal. At the time, was told that new deal was in the 2-3 year range."