Randy Orton recalls his loss at WrestleMania 22

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Randy Orton recalls his loss at WrestleMania 22

Way back in 2006, Randy Orton faced Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle in one of the highlight matches of WrestleMania 22, for a chance to become world heavyweight champion. The meeting presented a very particular conformation, given that little Rey had to deal with two authentic giants such as the Viper and the former Olympic gold medalist.

Despite the obvious disadvantage both in terms of height and physical size, the Mexican elf managed to win the contest and put on the showcase a belt as prestigious as it was unexpected. Speaking at the latest edition of the 'Kurt Angle Show', the Legend Killer confessed that he initially expected to be the winner that night.

In the same year, Orton had been involved in a long feud with Mysterio, which resulted in a match between the two at No Way Out. Subsequently, WWE executives had decided to use Eddie Guerrero's death as a cue to make the feud even more heated.

Randy Orton talks about WrestleMania 22

"I remember their intention was to make me win at WrestleMania 22" - said Randy Orton. “That should have been my consecration, but I think I got it wrong somewhere along the way and they decided to punish me by making Rey Mysterio triumph.

Maybe I'm saying nonsense, but it seems to me that things went just like that. I had some disagreements with the company due to a series of levies I had committed, also linked to my young age. That's why they decided to bet on Rey in the end ”- he added.

During the conversation, Kurt Angle explained how Randy was a very different person at the beginning of his career: “He was much more selfish than he is today, he was too focused on himself. The experience helped him improve both as a superstar and as a human being.

He feels very well that today he is a fulfilled and more mature man in all respects. This evolution has also brought him benefits in the ring”. That same year, Randy Orton was involved in a feud with Rey Mysterio. The two clashed at No Way Out 2006, but the rivalry was made more personal thanks to its storyline.

WWE chose to incorporate Eddie Guerrero's death into the storyline — a decision that did not sit well with Randy Orton. He described how it took convincing from Rey Mysterio and the blessing of Vickie Guerrero for him to get on board with the idea.