Randy Orton reveals what he would have liked to do besides wrestling

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Randy Orton reveals what he would have liked to do besides wrestling

When we talk about Randy Orton we are talking about one of the wrestling legends, a wrestler who has made his mark in the wrestling business and who in the last twenty years has always seen him as a protagonist. The fourteen-time former WWE Champion appeared on The Kurt Angle Show's microphones and discussed what it was like to live in the WWE locker room at a young age.

Bob Orton's son revealed that the world of wrestling was not his top priority for him.

Randy Orton is a veteran in the pro-wrestling business

During the interview, Randy Orton made interesting statements. Here are his words: "I've never had a lot of confidence in myself and never imagined I could do what my father did in the world of wrestling.

I remember when in my beginnings I was in the locker room at a young age and saw giants laughing and joking, I really felt like a kid. That day, I was in the locker room, and I never imagined I would be able to compete with wrestlers who have that level of fitness I, on the other hand, was very interested in animals and I remember that as a child I had a passion for snakes, I would have liked to become a student of reptiles, it is not a common job but I would have liked."

Randy Orton is 41 years old and the first rumors of his possible retirement are already being born in recent times: the Legend Killer has revealed that his wife Kim will decide when he will leave WWE. During the last edition of the Kurt Angle Show, Randy Orton revealed that he stole his RKO from Ken Shamrock stating that he dreamed of personally meeting the wrestler who played in the WWE in the Attitude Era.

Beyond that, Ken Shamrock became one of the first UFC champions around the mid-'90s. Randy Orton has had a very successful WWE career, but no one can deny that he is getting up there in age. Orton is now 41 years old and could be inching closer to his retirement date.

The Viper believes that he can still keep going, but realizes that he is getting older. As such, he has left his retirement in the hands of his wife, Kim Orton. Randy stated that he will retire once his wife tells him he's too old to be handing out RKOs.

It is quite interesting to note that Randy Orton ended up getting a nickname that matched his interest in reptiles and snakes. It must have been fate that he was given such a name.