Damian Priest on the struggles he had with his weight

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Damian Priest on the struggles he had with his weight

One of the athletes who recently joined the Monday Night Raw roster, practically after the Royal Rumble at the beginning of the year, is former North American NXT champion, Damian Priest. Before landing on the main roster, the "hunter" of the yellow show had several important feuds with Johnny Gargano and Keith Lee, with whom he has certainly left his mark on the minds and hearts of the fans of the third WWE brand.

After having had a short stint with the world-famous rapper, Bad Bunny, also seen in a terrific performance in Wrestlemania 37, the flame that burned against the former secondary champion of NXT seems to have already gone out, with the McMahons who would have already put him aside a little from the stages of the red show.

Damian Priest has opened up about the struggles he had with his weight before joining WWE.

Damian Priest used to work in a nightclub during his early days

In the last episode of WWE Chronicle, with the episode that had been totally focused on the former NXT athlete, Damian Priest wanted to show what his body was like before he landed in Stamford, with all 40 and more extra pounds that the athlete has thrown down over the years, with some shots in which he was still portrayed with that body.

In the short video excerpt presented by WWE itself, Priest further stated: "I went even deeper into this black hole, saying 'To hell with the world, I'm right, everyone else is wrong, so I'll continue' In the end, in hindsight, I didn't continue and I realized it was I who was wrong.

I had decided to work less on my body and become more lazy, because, for some reason, I thought that was the right decision that would help me. So many times I think back to those times and I'm grateful for getting to where I am now, but I still wonder 'How did all this happen?' Because I shouldn't be here for what I was before.

For who I was, I should definitely be somewhere else and I wouldn't be enjoying life. " Now let's see in detail how the former WWE North American champion has changed physically over the last 11 years, with three different photos.

Damian Priest became emotional as he recalled that he “thought he knew it all” years before he joined WWE. “You shouldn’t have wasted your time,” he said. “This was around the time that I realized nobody was gonna work for my dream.

Didn’t know anything but thought he knew it all, and now it’s kind of cool to be able to show off. This [holds picture], don’t be this. Be the one that works for his dream”.