Former WWE star comments on his feud with Triple H

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Former WWE star comments on his feud with Triple H

Triple H has been instrumental in keeping the WWE name high as both a wrestler and executive, having perhaps been the main architect of NXT's success in recent years. As he got older, The Game has progressively moved away from the ring to pursue his behind-the-desk activity, although the WWE Universe is hoping for at least one last match to greet the crowd and receive the well-deserved tribute from its fans.

In a recent interview with Vince McKee for 'Kee On Sports', his former rival Duke 'The Dumpster' Droese revealed that he is about to leave the Stamford federation before Vince McMahon sets up a storyline with HHH.

Excluding Royal Rumble, Droese fought a single pay-per-view match between 1994 and 1996, losing to Triple H at 'In Your House 6'

Former WWE star comments on his feud with Triple H

"To convince me to sign a one-year contract extension, WWE offered me to start a feud with Triple H," said Duke Droese.

"I knew I would never win, but at least it was an opportunity to stand out. It turned out to be my first and only match in a PPV, I would never have said it”- he added. At 'In Your House 6', Hunter won at the end of a challenge that lasted nine minutes and 38 seconds.

A month earlier, Duke had taken off the whim of beating The Game in a dark match on the eve of the Royal Rumble. If we also consider the live events, HHH and Droese met 24 times between January 1996 and April of the same year.

“The truth is that I have never had any other opportunities than the one I mentioned, especially on an individual level. I felt really frustrated and realized that the best solution for everyone was to have our paths split.

I did not want to continue to be humiliated” - he commented. Speaking to Kee On Sports’ Vince McKee, Droese opened up about his two years working for Vince McMahon’s company. The 52-year-old also gave details about a pitch that the WWE Chairman rejected: "At one point I was riding with Steve Austin, and he states he doesn’t remember this happening," Droese said.

"That’s okay, but he and I went into Vince’s office at TV and pitched him an idea where we were gonna do a gimmick where it was gonna kind of be almost like skinheads, a skinhead kind of gimmick. Not racist or anything, you know, just a group of guys with shaved heads and Steve would be the freaking mastermind and I would be one of his henchmen, and we would just beat up other groups of people, and they would just happen to be a group of African-Americans, a group of Hispanic people, this group, that group, whatever groups you had."