WWE registers some interesting brands for its stars

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WWE registers some interesting brands for its stars

In recent weeks, WWE has been putting a lot of meat on the fire for all of its main rosters, both on the main roster and then on Raw and Smackdown, and for NXT. In addition to the storylines that we see weekly in the rings of all three brands that air on USA Network and FOX, WWE is also moving into the trademark and television rights market, to ensure that all the innovative ideas, which are presented in each new episode of the federation, are anchored to the product of the McMahons.

Only with original trademarks and branding can WWE be on the safe side that its competitors won't steal ideas for merchandising or "new" characters to feature on their flagship shows. A bit like what happened last year, when Bayley was referred to as the WWE "Role Model" and by the AEW rings, Britt Baker was selling a t-shirt with the same name as the Smackdown wrestler.

WWE registers some interesting brands for its stars

After reviewing the return to the scene of Jimmy Uso, who seems to be still far enough away from the idea of ​​"family" and life that the Tribal Chief would like to propose to him too, after having done so with his twin Jey, WWE has already put on sale the t-shirt presented in the last episode of the blue show, with the words "Nobody's Bit * h", or "I'm not anyone's bitch" After putting on sale the shirt of which we report a screen below, WWE has also bought the rights to this sentence, making it clear that the storyline between the two cousins ​​will go on for some time, even if it is not known.

how. If in recent days the WWE has banked its new trademark used by Jimmy Uso, there is a new phrase that would have been placed in the trademarks and patents of the US special office, which apparently does not belong to anyone yet.

or at least the owner is unknown. In recent days, the WWE has also armored the new brand "There’s Never A Bad Time To Have A Good Time", a wise enough phrase that it is not known to whom it refers. Heel By Nature site reported this news.

We'll see in the coming weeks if the owner of this pearl of wisdom will come out or if WWE will still keep it under wraps. Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis's pairing is one of the most intriguing WWE has on its roster.

The duo has been hinting at a romantic angle for quite a while now, and recently Hartwell faked an injury to have Lumis take her away. WWE seems to have confirmed the relationship between the two, as they recently filed a trademark for the term "In-Dex" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.