New details on Keith Lee's current status

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New details on Keith Lee's current status

One of the characters who has not been seen on the Stamford Federation TV screens for several months now is that Keith Lee, who theoretically should have won the United States title in place of Riddle, in the unexpected victory arrived on the Elimination Chamber rings, when the BroMan pinned John Morrison, effectively tearing the title from Bobby Lashley's hips.

At that juncture, the management had to oust Bobby Lashley from the secondary titled round of the red show, to push him instead to the victory of the overall title of Raw and so it was, with Riddle who became the right man at the right time, given the unavailability by Keith Lee to become champion.

After the various news emerged on his state of health, between those who gave him sick with covid and those who even struggled with the aftermath of the disease, which had created lung problems, months have now passed since his last appearance, but there is still no trace of Keith Lee.

Backstage News on Keith Lee

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known site PW Insider, there seems to be something really "big" under the absence of Keith Lee, with Vince McMahon who is literally losing his patience with him, so much so that he has been ousted at the moment from future plans of Monday Night Raw.

In one of the latest updates of the well-known overseas site, we learn of these words, which came out of Mike Johnson's mouth: "I've never been able to get an exhaustive answer as far as he is concerned. By now I am led to think that there is something more than a simple creative problem or a simple injury and for some reason, I don't know why, nobody wants to tell me the whole story how it is.

Somehow he seems to have also come out of the graces of Vince McMahon, for doing something wrong, which is obviously kept secret by them (WWE ed). I can read the situation clearly and everyone who is close to this matter obviously does not speak for some reason."

Just recently, Keith Lee tweeted once again, this time with no words but a picture instead. The photo is from WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames and shows Keith Lee walking out of the cage door. This has led to the WWE Universe immediately speculating about what this image could mean concerning the tweet earlier today.

The popular theory is that Keith Lee has been cleared and will return to WWE RAW soon. While this is pure speculation among the WWE Universe, it would be great to see Lee return to action sooner rather than later.