The Godfather was asked to discuss a memorable backstage fight

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The Godfather was asked to discuss a memorable backstage fight

Over the years, in the backstage of the WWE as in the backstage of all the other great pro-wrestling companies in the world, there have been fights and fights that have led the most famous athletes in the world to attack themselves physically, not agreeing about something.

It is no secret, in fact, that many on-screen clashes that were a little too h*t or hard, turned into a real backstage brawl on the most important shows of the various companies. In recent weeks, Kurt Angle has also revealed about the time he came to blows with the late Eddie Guerrero, guilty of pushing him into the locker room, with Big Show having to get in between the two to separate them.

Often, however, such fights end in a few seconds, especially thanks to the intervention of colleagues, even if sometimes the tragedy has even been touched upon or has even occurred, such as in the case of Bruiser Brody, a wrestler who died stabbed in 1988 in the backstage of the Capitol Sport Promotions by Josè Huerta Gonzalez.

WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather has recalled the time that D’Lo Brown almost broke Ahmed Johnson’s arm in a real-life backstage fight. In his latest interview with Wrestling School Interviews, The Godfather, former WWE wrestler, as well as a Hall of Famer, wanted to tell what was the most absurd and animalistic fight he has ever seen in the backstage of the McMahon-owned federation

The Godfather was asked to discuss a memorable backstage fight

The Godfather said, "Ahmed Johnson and D'Lo Brown, and D'Lo literally fucked him up.

D'Lo is a true wrestler. I mean, he was a collegiate wrestler and he managed to frame Johnson so well, he tried to break him too. D'Lo had closed him so badly that Ron and I, had to tell him several times to leave him.

Let him go, D'Lo because otherwise, D'Lo would have broken his arm or something. But it was still the best thing I've ever seen. I don't remember where we were. I do not remember. I only remember that D'Lo and he went to blows.

I don't remember why. Ahmed Johnson simply couldn't hold a candle to it. He wasn't very nice to the rest of the crew, he didn't get on with a lot of us. At that point, no one could stand it anymore. I'm probably the only one who doesn't have too much bad stuff to say about him.

I just tell you that he didn't like a lot of people there. He didn't get along with many but we tried to help him. But he continued not to be loved." After leaving WWE in 1998, Ahmed Johnson spent six months in WCW in 2000 before having a short spell on the independent scene.

D’Lo Brown worked for WWE from 1997 to 2003 before returning in 2008 to have another six-month run with the company. He is now part of the IMPACT Wrestling commentary team.