WWE has huge plans for its shows in the coming months

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WWE has huge plans for its shows in the coming months

During the two evenings dedicated to Wrestlemania 37, fans of the WWE Universe from home were delighted by a great on-screen return, that is to say, that noisy and in some cases - deafening - audience, which did not take part in a WWE live show for more than a year now.

After a whole year of world pandemic, which had brought endless problems and aftermath to WWE and all the other big companies in the pro-wrestling world, it seems that the situation is now slowly returning to normal, also thanks to the large doses of vaccines distributed in the United States, one of the most vaccinated countries in the entire globe.

After reviewing the one night only audience for just the two nights of Wrestlemania, apparently, the WWE weekly shows will soon have their own live audience as well, with the McMahon-owned federation also preparing something really big, according to some very important online sources.

WWE has huge plans for its shows in the coming months

As reported by the social pages and also in the podcast of the well-known The Mat Men Pro Wrestling, it would seem that the 16th of July was the date designated by the WWE to return to having a live audience for its weekly shows, with Smackdown which will in fact be the first show that airs every week to get an excited and screaming crowd back in front of its athletes.

As reported in the latest podcast update, in fact: "WWE appears to be preparing to resume its tour on July 16th. So much for the main roster shows. Smackdown will be the first to go on stage. I have no idea what they will do.

I know nothing about this matter except that for the moment the chosen date would be July 16th. But I could still be wrong. Let me read the message, 'Fans will be back on 16th and 19th' I don't know if this will be only a week to have live fans, but it seems that from July 16th they will be able to have live audiences, perhaps not full for the moment."

According to what was added by the podcast journalists, there seem to be some really big surprises underneath, which would emerge from the WWE circles, "definitely bigger than what had been anticipated." Although the news is still unofficial and fragmentary, the future of WWE is still beginning to take shape with regard to the return of its beloved fans on a permanent basis at the foot of its rings, especially if we carefully read the dates included in this tweet.