Cesaro comments on his WWE career

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Cesaro comments on his WWE career

Cesaro is undoubtedly one of the most talented superstars on the WWE roster. The 'Swiss Cyborg' has been a member of the Stamford-based federation for nearly a decade now but has only held an individual title once in that time.

Although many fans and insiders wished he would be granted an opportunity, the Swiss had never been the protagonist of a relevant match on the pay-per-view card. After ten years of honorable service, his chance seems to have finally arrived.

Cesaro will face Roman Reigns in an attempt to snatch his Universal Champion belt at WrestleMania Backlash. In case of defeat, it is likely that the Swiss will turn his attention to another prestigious SmackDown title, namely the Intercontinental one.

In a long interview granted to DAZN, Cesaro talked about his long journey in the company and explained why it took him so long to reach this level.

Cesaro discusses his WWE career

"I spent many sleepless nights asking myself this question, I must be honest" - Cesaro confided.

“I've never found a real answer. It makes me think that for some guys it takes longer than for others, that's all. When I first came to WWE, I was immediately told that it would take some time to move up the ladder.

This has been my path, there is nothing wrong with it. I understand that today you would like to have received great recognition, but it is necessary to work hard and not waste opportunities when they are granted to you. I must admit that I think it was worth it to try so hard in the last nine or ten years because the journey is always more important than the final destination,” he added.

There is an enormous curiosity to see what Backlash will take place on the night between Sunday and Monday, with many fascinating challenges that will give away the title. In the opinion of the two-time Hall of Famer Booker T, the match between Reigns and Cesaro is destined to leave the WWE Universe stunned.

Cesaro has been a favorite of the WWE Universe for many years. Reports suggested that the company remained reluctant to push him because his promo ability wasn't on par with his ability in the ring. After a decisive win over Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, Cesaro has been on a fantastic run.

He was even backed by former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan before Roman Reigns forced him off SmackDown a few weeks ago. It's likely that WWE will want to leave the title on Reigns for a little longer since the star is currently heading towards 300 days as Champion. However, Cesaro could take advantage of the current issues in Reigns' group heading into WrestleMania Backlash.