Jim Ross takes a show at Carlito for his attitude

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Jim Ross takes a show at Carlito for his attitude

On 11 July 2010 Carlito returns to the WWC. In the following weeks, he has a storyline with Booker T. On November 27, he defeats Shelton Benjamin and becomes WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion. In December he joins the Inoki Genome Federation in Japan.

Here he has sporadic feuds with different wrestlers. In March 2011 he joined the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, until June. On June 4, he returns to the World Wrestling Council, where he wins the WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion for the thirteenth time.

On July 17, at Aniversario 2011, he defends the title from the onslaught of the Abyss. On 24 January 2015, in Hora de la Verdad, Carly Colón defeated Mighty Ursus and Ray González to win the WWC title. In March 2014 he attended the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony for the introduction of his father Carlos Colon Sr.

along with his cousins ​​Primo and Epico. Carlito was supposed to attend the special episode Raw Legends Night on January 4, 2021, but this did not happen after an agreement with the WWE was unable to be found. On January 31, 2021, at the Royal Rumble, Carlito participated in the homonymous match by entering with the number 8 but was eliminated by Elias, after 8 minutes and 26 seconds in the ring.

On the February 1 episode of Raw, he teamed up with Jeff Hardy. The two defeated Elias and Jaxson Ryker. Later, Carlito's return was announced for a three-week probationary period, before signing him, however, the two sides failed to reach an agreement, effectively making Carlito a free agent.

Jim Ross has given his honest assessment on Carlito’s six-year run in WWE. The Hall of Famer believes the former WWE Superstar had “absolutely extraordinary” ability but his lack of motivation ultimately let him down.

Jim Ross slams Carlito

"Carlito’s a good worker," Jim Ross said. "His only enemy has always been his own motivation. He can be as good as he wants to be, so therefore some perceive that he might be a little unmotivated, i.e., a little lazy.

He wasn’t lazy in his interactions with the fairer s*x because he was a Hall of Famer in that area. If he kept his eye on the prize and wanted to go in and work, he was absolutely extraordinary." Despite being advertised for the show, Carlito did not appear on this week’s RAW Legends Night episode of RAW.

PW Insider’s Mike Johnson reported that he did not want to travel across the country just to make a two-minute cameo. Carlito posted the tweet above one hour after RAW ended.