John Cena recalls the Firefly Funhouse match

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John Cena recalls the Firefly Funhouse match

John Cena has had many memorable moments over the course of his long WWE career, which has established him as one of the brightest stars in WWE history. And the most recent of them dates back to last year when at WrestleMania 36 he faced Bray Wyatt in the first Firefly Funhouse Match in history.

The contest was a Cinematic Match unlike anything the wrestling world had seen up to that point, and it certainly made a big impression on fans, so much so that it is still debated today. And even John Cena himself in these hours wanted to take part in a debate never really concluded on his most recent match played in WWE.

To say that the battle with Bray Wyatt and his The Fiend was unique would be an understatement, and during an interview with 'Den of Geek' John Cena explained how the match was proposed to him and how he reacted when he learned the details.

John Cena has been the WWE symbol for many years

John Cena's last 'match' was the Firefly Fun House cinematic offering with 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36. The 16-time WWE champion technically lost the bout, but it happened following a highly cinematic portrayal of John Cena's career.

"The Firefly Funhouse Match was something that I held very tightly to myself, and maybe that can be the topic for another 45-minute interview that I will give you on another day. Because the truth is that the whole idea of that match was thrown at me at the last minute.

And I remember even asking what a Firefly Funhouse Match was specifically." John Cena was, therefore, confused backstage a bit like he was also during the entire dispute with Bray Wyatt. This is demonstrated by the rest of his story.

"The response I got from WWE was literally, 'We don't know.' Something that most performers would have panicked. But I was simply fascinated by the open field we had. We could have created something special."

John Cena also added that during the making of the fateful match, he was unsure whether it would work: "It took a lot of brave people and a lot of hard work to do something that they hoped the audience would understand.

And if anyone did. really understood, and even those who have always used critical words towards ours and in particular my work did, it means that the Firefly Funhouse Match worked as it should"