*Spoiler* Seth Rollins finished off his brutal attack on Cesaro

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*Spoiler* Seth Rollins finished off his brutal attack on Cesaro

The match that fans expected most of all WrestleMania Backlash, especially the European fans of the discipline, was undoubtedly the one valid for the Universal title of Friday Night Smackdown, currently held by Roman Reigns, which saw the Tribal Chief of the blue and the Swiss Cesaro, in what was the main event of the evening.

After weeks of the feud, with the storyline that also saw Daniel Bryan's exit from Smackdown and the entire WWE, Cesaro finally managed to get his hands on his archenemy, after seeing his friend Bryan, having to leave the shows precisely because of Reigns.

After wiping out the entire Samoan family in several installments of the blue show, everyone expected that even at Wrestlemania Backlash, the Samoans would tip the scales dangerously towards the champion, but in the end, the final attack.

it didn't come by the hand of one of the Usos, but by Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins finished off his brutal attack on Cesaro

To win the match and keep the title of Universal champion, it was obviously Roman Reigns, with the same fate as the Raw title which instead remained in the hands of Bobby Lashley.

The strange thing is that Roman Reigns managed to beat his opponent without the interference of any member of his family, as one might have imagined. After making the Swiss surrender with his Guillotine, who had come out of a maneuver by Cesaro, whose arm was quite out of order for the whole match, to get to annoy and then brutally attack the Swiss, he thought of his old acquaintance, or that Seth Rollins who already at Wrestlemania had challenged the Swiss Cyborg, sensationally losing his match.

After the main event, in fact, Seth Rollins entered with his always flamboyant suit and first looked at the champion face to face for several seconds, before devoting himself to the sneaky attack on Cesaro still helpless on the ground.

After raging on the still out of use arm of the Swiss, Rollins also helped himself with a chair, to make it even more devastating. After the defeat suffered at the hands of Cesaro, it seems that by now the Swiss has an old new feud in front of him, which will surely take him away from that title that he so dreamed of holding.

In a remarkable match, Cesaro came out on top at The Show of Shows. He scored another pinfall victory over Seth Rollins on the May 7, 2021 edition of SmackDown, and many fans felt that this win was the conclusion of the heated rivalry.

But Seth Rollins' attack on Cesaro tonight has made it clear as day that he isn't done with the Swiss Cyborg. Surely, these two are bound to collide again in the near future.