Bray Wyatt finally breaks his silence

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Bray Wyatt finally breaks his silence

One of the most interesting matches of Wrestlemania 37 was undoubtedly the challenge between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt The Fiend, a match that concluded one of the longest and most particular storylines of recent months in WWE.

Over the course of the storyline, The Fiend was repeatedly shot down by the Legend Killer and also for this reason the result of Wrestlemania 37 took the entire WWE Universe by surprise. Orton's victory on the Show of Immortals was unexpected, especially in the way it came with Bray Wyatt being distracted by Alexa Bliss' sudden attitude leading him to defeat.

The WWE Universe expected a continuation of this situation in the following weeks but in reality, the Demon has disappeared from the WWE radar and on Screen while Alexa Bliss has been involved in other storylines, in the last few weeks together with her doll Lily.

Randy Orton, on the other hand, is the protagonist in an unprecedented and bizarre couple together with Matt Riddle and together they make up RKBRO.

Bray Wyatt finally broke his silence

After weeks of absence and with several rumors that Bray Wyatt was currently engaged in family issues, The Fiend posted a cryptic tweet of a situation that could see him involved in a new storyline.

Wyatt posted the message on Twitter 'Do you still miss me?', And attached the hashtag #Zombies as an attachment. These zombies could refer to the zombies we saw outside the ring in Wrestlemania Backlash's Lumberjack Match between Damian Priest and The Miz, a fairly unusual scene in Vince McMahon's company.

After this tweet, it is not yet known when Bray Wyatt will return to WWE on Screen, but there is curiosity and a lot of anticipation from the WWE Universe and all wrestling fans. In his WWE experiences, we have seen Bray Wyatt 'The Fiend' engage in feuds with Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and Braun Strowman and the last one with Randy Orton and there is a curiosity to understand who will be the next victim of the Demon.

The Fiend usually sets up a feud with a WWE Superstar by turning them into his victim. Wyatt has targeted the likes of Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Braun Strowman, and he has managed to overcome most of them. If he does return to WWE soon, who will the former Universal Champion go after next? The most likely answer is Alexa Bliss, who betrayed him at WrestleMania 37 and went on to claim that she doesn't need him anymore.