Kevin Owens has already found his new job after WWE

KO has since held the Universal Championship once, the Intercontinental Championship twice

by Simone Brugnoli
Kevin Owens has already found his new job after WWE

One of the most particular and most original characters of the WWE TV screens is that Canadian who has already passed through the ranks of the evilest babyfaces and heels on several occasions, with Kevin Owens, currently one of the most victorious faces of the Smackdown upper card, who hasn't still managed to reach a title that has counted for quite some time.

During his career in the WWE rings, Owens has already won several very important titles, such as that of NXT overall champion, that of Intercontinental Champion or that of Universal Champion. The feud that obviously made him and his compatriot Sami Zayn famous, is precisely what we are seeing now in the Smackdown ring, with the friends-enemies who, as revealed several times by Owens, are destined to love and hate each other for the rest of their careers, fighting each other.

Kevin Owens opens up on his future

In his last speech on WWE's microphones The Bump, a secondary broadcast of the McMahon-owned company, which airs on all the federation's platforms, including its social pages, Kevin Owens shared what he would have done if he had not decided to do the pro-wrestler and above all what he will do once he leaves WWE, saying: "I'm not sure how long I will still be working as a wrestler.

I still have no plans to end my career anytime soon. But once I'm done, I'd like to find a way to have my own piece of land, to help the animals. If I hadn't started fighting, I probably would have directed my energies into doing just that.

Beyond wrestling, there is nothing I am more passionate about than helping animals and wildlife." After expressing these thoughts, who knows if WWE will also use this background of Kevin Owens' life to build a new storyline on it, a bit like it did with Daniel Bryan in his last juncture as a heel against Kofi Kingston, in which the famous Kofi-Mania of the Showcase of was born.

the Immortals. Kevin Owens has opened up about the animosity he felt from the WWE locker room following his debut segment with John Cena. In May 2015, Owens answered Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge on RAW and attacked him before their match could even take place.

Two weeks later, the then-NXT Champion recorded a statement-making win against Cena on his main-roster debut at WWE Elimination Chamber 2015.

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