Sasha Banks

Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado, better known by her ring name Sasha Banks, is an American professional wrestler signed to New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where she performs as Mercedes Moné.

Between 2012 and 2022, she wrestled in WWE, where she held the NXT Women's Championship once, the Raw Women's Championship five times, the SmackDown Women's Championship once, and the Women's Tag Team Championship three times (twice with Bayley and once with Naomi), of which she was the inaugural champion; she is therefore the fourth woman of the federation to have achieved the Triple Crown and the third to have achieved the Grand Slam.

During her career, she took part in the first women's main event at NXT and fought in the first women's iron woman matches, hell in a cell match, royal rumble match and elimination chamber match in history.

She is a cousin of rapper Snoop Dogg. Married to Sarath Ton, better known as Kid Mikaze, who works in WWE as a costume designer, the wedding was celebrated on August 4, 2016 in Malibu in front of about 1000 guests.

In 2020 she was the protagonist of an unpleasant story in which her colleague Sammy Guevara, four years earlier, during a commentary podcast on Raw, had declared, probably in a goliardic key because of Banks' beauty, that he wanted to rape her: words that arrived to the person concerned, who with a post on Twitter declared that she had spoken openly with her colleague, inviting anyone to pay attention to the words used, regardless of goliardic intentions or not, because these can become dangerous and negative messages. Sammy Guevara then apologized publicly on social media with his colleague for what he said.