Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson is an American manager and former wrestler currently signed to All Elite Wrestling.

He is mainly remembered for having created, together with Ole Anderson, Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard, the legendary stable of the Four Horsemen in the mid-eighties, when he played on the National Wrestling Alliance circuit. He is considered by many to be the best wrestler in history to never win a world title.

Anderson & Blanchard left Jim Crockett Promotions to join Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation. The tag team began calling themselves the Brain Busters, and took Bobby "The Brain" Heenan as their manager. On July 18, 1989, The Brain Busters defeated Demolition to win the WWF Tag Team Championship, ending Demolition's historic 478-day reign as champion. Though they lost the belts back to Demolition just three months later, the Brain Busters still continued to be one of the premier tag teams in the federation.

In 1993, Lunde was involved in a brutal stabbing during a WCW tour of Europe. On October 27, 1993, in Blackburn, England, he and Sid Eudy got into a fight in a hotel bar. After being sent back to their rooms by hotel security, Eudy attacked Lunde with a chair leg. A pair of scissors was introduced into the fight by someone, and Eudy received four stab wounds while Lunde even twenty, losing a lot of blood. The brawl was stopped by wrestler 2 Cold Scorpio, who was later credited with saving Lunde's life. Following the incident, Eudy was fired by the federation.

As stated in his biography, during a 1994 match, Arn was thrown against the ring ropes which broke causing him to fall out of bounds, which he managed to cushion by landing on his feet. Six months later, the same incident occurred again, but this time Anderson fell to the ground, violently hitting his head, neck, and back. He didn't have time to fully heal at the time.

As time went on, the injury got worse. Anderson says the first sign of trouble to come came during a fight when his left arm suddenly went numb. After consulting a chiropractor, and other doctors, the damage was deemed more serious than expected and Lunde had to undergo surgery to restore full function to the limb. The operation took place in Atlanta in 1996.