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Ariel Helwani

Ariel Helwani, born in Montreal on July 8, 1982, is a Canadian journalist of Middle Eastern origin specializing in mixed martial arts.

He has been involved in MMA since 2006 and currently works for the specialized site; he previously worked on the Fox Sports program UFC Tonight. He formerly co-hosted the Fight Club radio show while currently hosting The MMA Hour podcast and YouTube show MMA Beat.

On June 4, 2016 Helwani and two colleagues were escorted out of the UFC 199 event prior to the main event and subsequently banned for life from UFC shows for revealing before the organization itself, and without asking the latter's permission, that former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar would return to fight at the following UFC 200.

On June 6, however, the decision was reversed by the federation, which nonetheless expressed its disappointment at the conduct of Helwani and colleagues. Helwani communicated his side of events in a podcast, in which he couldn't hold back tears fearing for the end of his career, revealing that, after being dismissed, he was led by UFC president Dana White, who accused him of having too negative an attitude, only to later discover that the decision had been made by the owner of the organization Lorenzo Fertitta.

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