Vince Mcmahon

Vince McMahon began his professional wrestling career in 1968, serving as a ringside announcer and backstage interviewer; he later bought the company and in 1984, became the president of the Stamford federation together with his wife Linda.

His father, Vincent James McMahon, was the founder of Capitol Wrestling Corporation in 1952, the forerunner of today's WWE.

While he has never been a professional wrestler, he is a two-time world champion, having held the WWE Championship once and the ECW Championship once; he also won the 1999 edition of the royal rumble match, last eliminating his historic rival Stone Cold Steve Austin.

When his father died, he and wife Linda gained complete control of the WWF. At the time of his rise to the top of the WWF, the wrestling world was still divided into several small, regionally based federations with territorial laws between promoters. McMahon had a different vision of what the industry would become. In 1963, the WWF had detached from the National Wrestling Alliance, the federation-consortium that governed all the other companies scattered throughout the country up to Japan.

McMahon expanded the territorial boundaries of the WWF, acquiring other stars from other federations such as the American Wrestling Association: for example, in 1984 he recruited Hulk Hogan with the idea of making him the next charismatic WWF megastar in mind. and the project went far beyond all wildest expectations, making Hogan the most famous wrestler in the world.

Vince McMahon has been married since 1966 to Linda Edwards, who was the CEO of WWE between 1980 and 2010. The couple have two children: Shane (1970) and Stephanie (1976).

Vince McMahon also had a half-brother named Rodney (1943–2021), who worked in the steel trade in Texas.

In 1994 he was accused in his steroid scandal trial of distributing illegal substances to his wrestlers; Hulk Hogan was the main witness of the trial, even if he was never considered neutral due to the great friendship that bound him to McMahon. McMahon was acquitted of all charges, but admitted to having taken steroids himself in the 1980s.

Also a few months ago he was accused, this time of abuse, an accusation that forced him to resign from WWE.