Bruce Prichard

Bruce Prichard is an American wrestling manager and wrestling show producer. Prichard became famous above all thanks to his stay in the late eighties and early nineties in the World Wrestling Federation, where he played the character of Brother Love, the first manager of The Undertaker, and hosted the Brother Love Show. After leaving the promotion due to controversies surrounding his evangelical preaching gimmick, he served as senior vice president of programming and talent relations for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling until July 2013.

He is the brother of former wrestler Tom Prichard and guitarist Chris.

Prichard began his wrestling career working for Paul Boesch in Houston, Texas as an announcer and sometime referee. Given Boesch's working relationship with Bill Watts of the Universal Wrestling Federation, Prichard was often employed as a ring announcer even during UWF shows.

When Boesch sold the company to the World Wrestling Federation, Prichard moved there, initially as a television commentator for the Houston area.

In March 2017, the signing of the contract between Prichard and TNA was announced and shortly after the signing of the contract, it changed its name from TNA (Total Nonstop Action) to Impact Wrestling. He left the federation a few months later, in August.