Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan, born in Augusta on August 11, 1953, is a former American wrestler and actor signed to WWE. Hogan is among the most recognized WWE Superstars globally, as well as one of the greatest wrestling icons of all time.

He played the American hero in the World Wrestling Federation and Hollywood Hulk Hogan, the evil leader of the New World Order in World Championship Wrestling. Regularly main eventing pay-per-views in both promotions, he frequently shut down WrestleMani and Starrcade, the WWF and WCW's respective annual main events. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 2, 2005, inducted by friend Sylvester Stallone, and on April 10, 2021 as a member of the nWo.

Hogan is a twelve-time world champion, having won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship six times and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship six times; he also held the WWE Tag Team Championship once with Edge.

His first reign as WCW World Heavyweight Champion, which lasted 469 days, is the longest in the history of the title. He also won the Royal Rumble match, becoming the first wrestler to win back-to-back matches. His budget at WrestleMania is ten participations: 8 wins and 2 losses. He also boasts the best positive score in the history of SummerSlam: 6 victories against 0 defeats.

He holds the record for being world champion for the most consecutive singles years. After Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund, he is the third wrestler ever with the most overall days as WWE Champion, with 6 reigns-2185 days.

Hogan suffered from numerous health problems, particularly in his back and knees, due to his long career as a wrestler and the prolonged training he subjected his body to. In an interview with The Sun, he said he had seriously contemplated suicide. Muhammad Ali's daughter, Laila, would have made him give up.