Jeff Hardy

Jeffrey Hardy is an American professional wrestler signed to All Elite Wrestling. He is a six-time world champion, having held the WWE Championship once, the World Heavyweight Championship twice, and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship three times.

He also won the Intercontinental Championship five times, the Hardcore Championship three times, and the United States Championship, European Championship, and Light Heavyweight Championship once each.

He teamed with his brother Matt Hardy instead held the World Tag Team Championship six times, the TNA World Tag Team Championship twice and the WCW Tag Team Championship, Raw Tag Team Championship and SmackDown Tag Team Championship once each; this made him the ninth wrestler in WWE history to complete the Grand Slam and one of only five to have done so in both formats.

Born in North Carolina, Jeff lived an ordinary childhood in a wealthy family until his mother's death in 1987 from a brain tumor, from which he struggled to recover. Jeff dreamed, from an early age, of one day treading a wrestling ring with his older brother Matt. The two enjoyed inventing characters and moves in their backyard, founding a sort of federation called the Trampoline Wrestling Federation.

Jeff together with his brother Matt and his friend Shannon Moore leads The Hardy Show: 11 seasons have been recorded so far, in which we see the private life of the Hardy brothers and their friends, which is intertwined with their careers in WWE and TNA.