WWE NXT is an American professional wrestling television program produced by WWE beginning February 23, 2010 and airing Tuesdays on the USA Network.

From its inception in March 2010 to August 2012, NXT was a wrestling-themed reality show, but later became a traditional wrestling program and initially a real developmental territory connected with WWE.

With the success achieved, it became the third roster on a par with Raw and SmackDown, having had since December 2016, when a tournament was announced by Triple H to decide the inaugural holder of the WWE United Kingdom Championship, also a second British television program, NXT UK, which debuted in July 2018 and closed on September 4, 2022, with its own exclusive roster coming from the United Kingdom.

Since September 18, 2019, the show, which was initially exclusive to the WWE Network, airs on Wednesdays on the USA Network, and its duration is two hours instead of one. From April 13, 2021 the show no longer airs on Wednesdays but on Tuesdays, and on September 14 of the same year the show also assumed the second name of NXT 2.0 until September 13, 2022.

The opening theme of the program is Down South by Wale feat. Maxo Cream and Yella Beezy.

The news of the launch of a new WWE television program titled NXT was announced by Vince McMahon on the February 1, 2010 episode of Raw. He took over from ECW, as the latter was left with few athletes on its roster. The first episode took place on February 23 while the following 11 May the first eliminations took place which saw three competitors leave the program, namely Michael Tarver, Daniel Bryan and Skip Sheffield. On May 18, Darren Young was also eliminated while the following week it was Heath Slater's turn. On June 1, Wade Barrett was elected winner ahead of Justin Gabriel and David Otunga.