New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), trade name of New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co, Ltd, is an entertainment company, active in the Japanese wrestling sector, founded by Antonio Inoki in Nakano in 1972. and is considered the most important federation of puroresu in Japan.

In 2012 it was sold to Bushiroad, a Japanese giant in the gaming sector. The president of NJPW is Takami Ohbari, in office since October 23, 2020.

Throughout its history, NJPW has had and still has partnerships with professional wrestling federations around the world, including WWE, with the WWF/AJPW/NJPW Wrestling Summit event in 1990, and currently with CMLL in Mexico, Impact Wrestling , ROH and AEW, with which he produces the Forbidden Door event.

The federation was founded by Antonio Inoki on January 13, 1972 after his dismissal from the Japan Pro-Wrestling Alliance (JPWA) and until 1989 Inoki himself was the president.

Throughout its history it has had several periods of affiliation in the NWA and has made various agreements with mixed martial arts promotions and world-class wrestling federations, as well as organizing shows with other federations present in Japan.

NJPW is currently owned by Bushiroad, a company that produces playing cards, which later bought the entire federation from Yuke's Future Media Creators.
In November 2019, Bushiroad acquired World Wonder Ring Stardom, a women's wrestling federation, thus leading to the holding of the first all-female match in NJPW history at Wrestle Kingdom 14.

In addition, a branch was opened in the United States, the New Japan Pro -Wrestling of America. Starting August 7, 2020, NJPW of America began airing its own weekly show called NJPW Strong. In 2022, following Strong's footsteps, New Japan produces a new show based in Oceania, called NJPW TAMASHII, where students from the Bad Luck Fale Dojo and athletes from that continent will perform.