Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan began training in 2000 in the Empire Wrestling Federation under the guidance of Bobby Bradley. In 2001 he joined Ultimate Pro Wrestling where he trained alongside Tom Howard and Brian Kendrick. In 2004 he returned to training at the Inoki Dojo as a student of Bryan Danielson.

In the early years of his career Ryan wrestled in many promotions in California, including the aforementioned EWF and UPW, the Revolution Pro Wrestling and EPIC Pro Wrestling.

Ryan also wrestled for NJPW-USA, where he fought Danielson with CM Punk on commentary.

In 2003 Joey Ryan along with Disco Machine, Excalibur, Scott Lost, Super Dragon and Top Gun Talwar founded Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. In the first event he formed the "X-Foundation" along with Funky Billy Kim and Scott Lost, losing to Adam Pearce, Hardcore Kidd and Al Katrazz.