Joey Janela

Joey Janela was born and raised in Hazlet, New Jersey. Janela would lie to professional wrestling promoters to start wrestling at age 15, telling them that he was of legal wrestling age and fully formally trained, which he has said in many interviews that he is not.

Janela grew up a fan of deathmatches and the style of wrestling that became popular in Extreme Championship Wrestling and other promotions that sprung up once ECW went under. Janela became enthralled in the high-risk, high-reward style of matches presented in hardcore wrestling.

Janela made his professional wrestling debut at a 2006 National Wrestling Superstars show in which he lost in a Triple Threat match against JD Smooth and Corey Havoc. He would keep on working for them until the year of 2012 when World Xtreme Wrestling booked him in a match against Brandon Scott.