Ted Dibiase

Ted DiBiase is a former American professional wrestler and manager signed to WWE, where he is inducted into the Legends program. During his career he won thirty titles but he is remembered by the general public above all for his past in the World Wrestling Federation, where he was known by the nickname The Million Dollar Man Among the various awards DiBiase was the first holder of the WWF North American Championship, as well as a three-time WWF Tag Team Championship and the 1988 King of the Ring. He also created his own title, the Million Dollar Championship.

DiBiase was also known for his avant-garde heel promos, which often ended with his signature evil laugh, and was described by WWE as the most despised villain in the promotion during the late 1980s. He held the WWF World Heavyweight Championship in 1988 after purchasing it from André the Giant, but this reign has not been officially recognized by WWE. Despite this, DiBiase has wrestled in various main events of the company's pay-per-views, including that of WrestleMania IV and the inaugural SummerSlam in 1988.

Cited as one of the best technical wrestlers in history, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010 by his sons, Ted and Brett.