Tom Prichard

Tom Prichard began his career in Los Angeles around 1979, working for Gene and Mike LeBell's Olympic Auditorium, where he captured several titles, including the Americas Tag Team Title with Chris Adams. When the federation closed its doors in 1982, Prichard moved to various local federations belonging to the NWA group for the next four years before settling in the south, where he enjoyed the greatest successes of his career.

Prichard joined the Continental Wrestling Federation in the late 1980s, and feuded with The Dirty White Boy Tony Anthony. Their feud included a highly controversial storyline where Anthony's valet, presented with a black eye, begged Prichard to help her as her man was beating her, but it all turned out to be a ploy to allow Anthony to attack Tom from behind. whose hands were tied behind his back and hung like a calf.

In January 2007, Tom was rehired by WWE to replace Bill DeMott as head trainer of Deep South Wrestling (DSW). When DSW folded, he moved to Florida Championship Wrestling. On May 30, 2012, he was relieved of his duties.