Jim Duggan

Jim Duggan is a former American wrestler signed to WWE, where he serves as an ambassador. He is known for his stints in the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling and for his American patriot gimmick and always carrying a 2x4 wooden stick.

Duggan previously captured a WCW United States Championship and a WCW World Television Championship during his tenure in WCW. He was also the winner of the first Royal Rumble in history.

Duggan grew up in Glens Falls, where he became a promising high school athlete excelling in wrestling and American football. His father was the local police chief.
Jim Duggan entered the world of wrestling thanks to the interest of former wrestler Fritz Von Erich. Duggan's first competitive match took place in 1979 against Gino Hernandez.

Duggan began his career as a heel character. Trained by veteran Peter Maivia, Duggan soon attracted the attention of Vincent J. McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation.