Update on Ricky Starks' future

Ricky Starks disappears from All Elite Wrestling again

by Simone Brugnoli
Update on Ricky Starks' future
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In recent months, from an unspecified source, it had emerged online that the contract of Ricky Starks, wrestler of All Elite Wrestling, It was now expiring, with many people who long gave it as part of the WWE roster, once left the AEW, alongside his great friends Cody Rhodes and Jade Cargill.

Tony Khan then denied it: "I don’t know what the rumors are. Ricky is part of the AEW. Ricky is definitely still under contract in AEW. I didn’t see it [the rumor]. Ricky was an important part of Sting’s run, it was Sting’s first match in AEW.

It is definitely part of AEW and was a big part of Sting’s final run." And on top of that, after returning to the fight on March 30 at Collision, after he and Big Bill lost to Top Flight, rumors began to circulate that he may have suffered an injury during the match, although he firmly denied, coming then to reiterate the concept interviewed by WhatCulture Wrestling after being spattered again.

Ricky Starks on his absence

When asked if there was a chance of seeing him on TV soon, Ricky Starks said, "I don’t know. But I hope so. But I really don’t know. I really have no idea. I try not to make predictions because every time I make one then I’m wrong.

I’m just going through a particular moment where I feel like I want to be on Dynamite and I wanted to be in Dynasty. At some point, for my sanity, I can’t risk going crazy because in the end I proved myself by working hard and putting constant effort into what I did.

I constantly gave 1000% by straining. So, at some point, things are not under my control. I think this is the greatest lesson I have. Things are not under my control, but what they are, I try to make them work to my full potential."

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