Mercedes Moné arrives at FantasticaMania Mexico

Mercedes Moné appeared in the June 19 edition of CMLL Informa

by Simone Brugnoli
Mercedes Moné arrives at FantasticaMania Mexico
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Mercedes Moné appeared in the June 19 edition of CMLL Informa. In a video, the TBS Champion sent a clear message to current NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion Stephanie Vaquer, wishing her luck for her title match against La Catalina at the NJPWxCMLL FantasticaMania event on June 21.

The AEW star then said she would look closely at the match to prepare to face Stephanie Vaquer at Forbidden Door to take the title away. And she actually looked at it up close, because at the end of the match, where Stephanie Vaquer confirmed herself as a champion, she physically came to the arena to have a face-to-face with her challenger of the moment, By congratulating her and telling her to enjoy the title while she can because Forbidden Door is taking it away.

Stephanie Vaquer responded by stating that she is the ‘luchadora’ best currently in circulation and show the three belts that brings to life, two in single and one in pair, and that Forbidden Door will also take home the fourth belt, or the TBS Title.

At that point the CEO lost her temper and slapped her with a fight that ended with Mercedes Moné briefly lifting both belts before leaving.

Mercedes Moné wants her title

Why is there such a strong sense of challenge between the two? The answer actually lies in that NJPW STRONG Womens Championship, because it was created specifically for Mercedes Moné, who had not finally won by injury in the final of the tournament to decide the first champion of that belt, who then went to the life of Willow Nightingale, for this was born their challenge to Don in which the former Sasha Banks took revenge by taking away the title TBS.

By the way, Stephanie Vaquer participated in that very tournament by selling defeat in his turn by Mercedes Moné, and now that she is champion has its own logic actually send her against the CEO of AEW, with the two who are among the best women wrestlers around right now.

Mercedes Moné