New details on Sheamus' current status

The former WWE Champion also deactivates his Twitter page

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on Sheamus' current status
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One of the biggest absentees in recent months from the Friday Night SmackDown rings for WWE is definitely Sheamus, the Irish athlete and former world champion of the McMahon company, struggling with a bad shoulder injury that has prevented him from stepping into the ring for some time now.

Sheamus' return to the scene was expected soon, with the Celtic Warrior rumored to be returning after the Royal Rumble at the beginning of the year, but there has been no trace of him in the SmackDown rings. Now, the mystery surrounding Sheamus' disappearance deepens, given that in the last few hours the athlete has also deactivated his Twitter account.

As we can see from the screenshot below, if any fan or insider goes to look for his profile on X, this error message appears on the screen.

Sheamus disappears from WWE scene

As reported in the last weeks of January first by PW Insider and then by Ringside News, Sheamus' return had been rumored for the first month of the year, with journalists from well-known sites reporting: "He was recovering from a shoulder problem.

I've heard several conversations about him returning this month, but nothing concrete". At the moment we don't know for sure when Sheamus will return to the WWE rings, but since it's January, it was very likely that WWE could include him in the men's Rumble, but as we've seen, that didn't happen.

We'll see in the coming weeks if Sheamus will return to the scene, but most likely, by now, we'll have to wait for WrestleMania XL to pass, having already all the plans ready for its athletes involved. As seen on this week's episode of Monday Night RAW, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre also exchanged words in the middle of the ring about their recent issues, while also making it clear that they're still best friends.

Something the Irishman himself addressed on 'RAW Talk', straddling the line between keyfabe and real life. "I don't know, Cathy, I just got back, you know? I'm still shaking off the rust and to have two wins in a row is just awesome," Sheamus told host Cathy Kelley.

"I've been out for eight months, it feels like a long time. Right before I left, or rather, I got injured, me and Drew McIntyre did a Celtic Warrior workout together. And I think I'm still getting over it, honestly."