Ex-WWE Star Ricochet Compares NXT Heatwave Match to Iconic AEW Clash

NXT Heatwave showcases thrilling title defense

by Noman Rasool
Ex-WWE Star Ricochet Compares NXT Heatwave Match to Iconic AEW Clash
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The first-ever NXT Women's North American Champion a title she won last month Kelani Jordan has mounted numerous defenses of her new championship including one at Michin. But until Sunday, she had not defended her title on a PLE stage.

That changed a few weeks ago at NXT Heatwave in Toronto, Canada with Jordan retaining her championship against Soul Ruca. They had a great match with plenty of sequences that showed off their athleticism. That caught the eye of ex-WWE star Ricochet with a single sequence in particular.

Ricochet, replying to an X fan who lauded Ruca and Jordan for the displays they were able to put on despite their inexperience: Ricochet: "Look at these dudes did with us. And mind you we're like me & Will Ospreay over there." Ricochet, the ex-NXT NA champ even went as far to describe Ruca and Jordan's sequence as the female version of his wars with Ospreay.

Ricochet's High Praise

Ricochet tweeted, "It's literally me vs @WillOspreay but female hahaha. Which is a fair comparison, to be honest. The Ruca-Jordan exchange certainly looks like something Ricohet and Ospreay would have come up with years earlier when both men were lighting it in New Japan Pro Wrestling." These were highly controversial matches (Hall of Famer Vader sounded off against them) but they helped make Ricochet a WWE darling and Ospreay one of New Japan's top stars.

And that bodes well for Roca and Jordan's wrestling future. If this goes at AB pace, Fans of these fans could see Roca/Jordan and Ospreay/Ricochet in two different channels within weeks. Ricochet's WWE AEW It Looks Like He Has Just Signed With The Company - Wrestling News That would probably put him in line for an eagerly anticipated rematch against Ospreay, who is the current AEW International Champion.

Ricochet going to AEW might help get one of wrestling's most underrated feuds back in the fold. Fans sit on the edge of their seat with anticipation for a possible Ricochet/Ospreay rematch being played at some point. Rumors have already started flying concerning future fights involving Ruca and Jordan.

Their excellent showing at NXT Heatwave yesterday has certainly announced to the wrestling world that they are two people to look out for.

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